Realtor Information

A Falcon Woods Recreation & Homeowner Association (FWRHA) closing letter is required for the sale or refinance of all homes in the Falcon Woods Subdivision. This is a legal requirement because all homes are bound by terms of a covenant legally recorded in Cobb County regardless of member status signed by all original homeowners and binding through sales. Even if the homeowner is not a member, the closing letter is still required. A closing letter can be requested by emailing and must include: Owner name(s), address, date of closing, name of purchaser(s), name of lender, email address of lender. A closing letter will be sent to the lender only if all of the required information is provided. Please allow a two-week notice to insure that the letter can be processed in time for the closing. If required information is missing it will cause a delay in the closing letter. There is a $10 fee charged for each closing letter requested. Even if the sale does not close, the $10 fee is still owed. Falcon Woods Recreation & Homeowners Association (FWRHA) is the Home Owners Association (HOA) for the Falcon Woods Subdivision in Cobb County Georgia which includes 159 homes. Falcon Woods Subdivision is a residential area. Membership in the association is permanent. The association owns and maintains commonsareas which include the front entrance, back entrance, storm drainage easements, and a large recreation area located at 4960 Jett Road NE, Marietta GA 30066. The recreation area includes a large parking lot, a large playground with various playsets, a 2-court fenced tennis court, a large pavilion, and a fenced large swimming pool. The facilities are well maintained. FWRHA also maintains a year-round social schedule. FWRHA also sponsors the Falcon Woods Fins, a swim team, which competes during the summer. In addition to providing an excellent resource for outdoor recreation, FWRHA also strives to encourage exercise, neighborhood engagement/involvement, and improving property values of all residents of Falcon Woods Subdivision.

All of the 159 homes are a part of the HOA and there is a protective covenant that covers all homes. The covenants are posted on the FWRHA web site. The FWRHA web site is maintained to help share information about the association. The URL for the web site is The social schedule is posted on the web site. Also, Rules and Regulations for each of the FWRHA facilities are posted on the web site.

There are four (4) types of FWRHA memberships:

Full members are Falcon Woods Subdivision residents, are permanent members, and have access to the recreation area including parking lot, playground, pavilion, tennis courts, and swimming pool. Full member fees pay for a fair share of the upkeep of common areas and also for upkeep and operation of pavilion, tennis courts, and swimming pool. 

Support members are Falcon Woods Subdivision residents, are permanent members, and have access to some of the recreation area including the parking lot, playground, and pavilion; however, do not have access to either the tennis courts or swimming pool. Support member fees pay for a fair share of the upkeep of common areas. Support members can upgrade to full membership at any time without an initiation fee.

Non members are Falcon Woods Subdivision residents, are permanent members, and have no access to the recreation area. Non members can upgrade to full membership at any time and must pay an initiation fee.

Outside members are families that live outside of Falcon Woods Subdivision, voluntarily join each year, cannot become permanent members, and have full access to the recreation area and facilities.

The annual fees are set each year by the Board of Directors. For all years 2012 thru 2022, Full and Outside member fees are $425, Support member fees are $75. All fees are due on May 1st of each year. A late fee is assessed of $10 per month until full payment plus late fees is paid. Payment is by cash, check, or Paypal. When paying with Paypal, you are responsible for paying the admin fees in addition to the fee you owe. Failure to pay after three months will result in a Lien being assessed on the property; a $10 Lien removal fee is also charged for each Lien when paid off.

In association matters, voting power is granted as follows: Full members 1 vote, Support members 1/2 vote, Non members no vote, and Outside members no vote. Only Full and Support members can hold positions on the FWRHA Board of Directors. For full details, review the following documents on the web site. Note, this document is intended to be a summary of the legal documents listed below. If there is a discrepancy between this document and the legal document (below), the legal document provides the legal and binding answer.