Jamerson Road & Wigley Road will be undergoing some major construction during the next two years.  This page will serve to update Falcon Woods residents on the project as we receive updates and new information from the Department of Transportation. 
Description:  The project consists of various improvements for the Jamerson Road – Jamerson Road/Wigley Road area. Jamerson Road will be widened from a 2-lane to a 4-lane divided road from Lee Waters Road to Canton Road. Jamerson Road/Wigley Road will be widened from 2 lanes to 3-lanes from Sandy Plains Road to Lee Waters Road.
The project status is currently "Under Construction".
Feel free to check out a blog which was created last year when this project first began.  Falcon Woods residents are welcome to join in discussion about this project on the blog.  Post your thoughts about what's happening, find out how we can all work together to improve the "looks" of Falcon Woods from Jamerson Road, and just get a feel for what's going on.  Please be considerate of others when participating.

Questions, concerns, or comments? 
Email or and a board member will contact you.