Need to Make a Reservation (Pavilion, Tennis Court, Pool)?

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   2.  Read all rules and policies below.
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   4.  Review details upon receipt of confirmation email.
Tennis Court Reservations
- We have two tennis courts. The Primary Court (closest to the pavilion) may be reserved. The Secondary Court (farthest from the pavilion) may not be reserved because it is a first come first serve court.
- One Full Member per court required.  One member may not use both courts unless an additional full member will also be present during play.
- Reservations are limited to one hour per day.
- Non-member resident use of the courts is prohibited, even as invited guest of full Member.
- Make sure that the tennis courts are locked before you leave the premises.
- (Click here) to make a reservation for the tennis court.

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Pavilion Reservations
- Free to Full and Outside Members5.
- $25 rental fee for Support Member reservations5.  Rental fee must be paid to FWRHA at least 10 days prior to the event or the reservation will be cancelled.  (Click here) to notify us that you have deposited the rental fee in the FWRHA mail box.
- Be sure to clean up after your party5 as a courtesy to others.
- If/when there is LP (gas) available, you are welcome to use it however, plan to bring a canister just in case.
- If you do not clean up the pavilion, place your trash in the garbage bins, and place them at the street, you will be charged a $25 cleaning fee.
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Pool Reservations
- Pool is open 7:00am to 10:00 pm from 05/14/2018 thru 09/30/2018.  Pool is closed outside those dates and times.
- Pool access is controlled by key card access.  One key card is issued to each member.  Replacement key cards cost $10.
- Lifeguard services are offered from 12:00pm thru 6:00pm from 05/26/2018 thru 09/30/2018.
- Swim At Your Own Risk (SAYOR) at dates and times when lifeguard services are not offered.
- Full and Outside members have access to the swimming pool.  Non-members, support members, and Tennis-Only Outside members do not have access to the swimming pool  
- Residents of the Falcon Woods subdivision that are not Full members are not allowed to use the swimming pool.  The only exception is participation in Swim Team.
- You cannot exclusively reserve the pool.  The pool is always available for any and all full and outside members.  If you hold an event, you must share the pool with other members.
- The only exception to the shared usage rule is the Swim Team Practices and Swim Meets.  During these activities, the swimming pool is hot a shared facility.  The schedule of practices is posted on our web site under the topic of Falcon Woods Fins.
- (Click here) to request an Event Lifeguard from Nautix. Reservation of Event lifeguard is your responsibility.  Please pay attention to all emails from Nautix regarding prices, rules, and cancellation policies.
- Parties with more than 14 swimmers (under the age of 18) require an event lifeguard.  (Click here) to reserve an event lifeguard with Nautix.  Please note that you are not required to provide a lifeguard through Nautix; however, you will be fined $150 if you have over 14 swimmers (under the age of 18) and fail to provide a lifeguard.  Nautix does not guarantee they will provide a lifeguard.  Nautix requires at least a 21 day advance notice on Event Lifeguard requests.
- Standard Nautix lifeguard options:
(a) Standard - Lifeguard is $25/hr with 2 hour minimum.  Lifeguard cleans up after the event (additional $12.50).  Total minimum is $62.50.
(b) Self-Serve - Lifeguard is $25/hr with 2 hour minimum.  You clean up the pool, place all trash in garbage bin at street, leave pool before end of contracted event end time.  Total minimum is $50.00.  
Note: If your party is still inside the pool at the end of the contracted end time, you will be charged additional time in multiples of 30 minutes.
- (Click here) to make a non-exclusive reservation for the pool.  Remember, it is a non-exclusive reservation - you must share the pool with other full and outside members. 
- Note: Nautix policy is that you can cancel an event lifeguard and receive a full refund in the event of bad weather only if you call 770.485.3672 at least 2 hours before the start of the event.

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